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Call Bill(805) 200-8951or email for info:

Bill Carter does smile.
Bill Carter: Keyboard & Vocals

An all-American California boy with South Carolina roots, Bill entertains with a smile and twinkle in his eye... true down-home style and grace.

Bill and JennieBill & Jennie: Duets on Fire

Jennie joins Bill for harmonizing and serenading your party when you need a duo of entertainment!

What is Music Interaction?

In 2011, Bill Carter entered his second decade as a performer of music, both here and abroad in England, for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Memory Care Units. He is a California Certified Activity Director and has worked as an Activities Assistant, Memory Care Coordinator, and Activities Director/Manager. This background experience gives him unique insight and understanding of how music programs have a positive effect on residents. Carter’s program of Music Interaction is a combination of sing-a-long and storytelling, along with encouraging residents to play instruments like tamborines, drums, cymbals and maracas. The intention is not only to have fun but to create a range of motion and to develop memory recall.

Bill Carter has performed as an entertainer in the senior communities throughout Ventura County and Northern Los Angeles County for the past four years, since returning from England. His performances are available for regularly scheduled entertainment days, while he offers his specialized Music Interaction program for hire to the smaller to medium-sized activity groups in the Skilled, Assisted, and Memory Care communities.

Let Bill Carter add to your already viable monthly programs with weekly or bi-weekly Music Interaction sessions that will stimulate your residents.

Reminisce with MUSIC INTERACTION! call Bill!

Bill's hands
Bill plays for Assisted Living Communities, Nursing Facilities, Farmers' Markets, Private Parties.